On your bike Boris

Rent a bike,
Be like Boris
Wind in your hair
Reciting odes from Horace.
Avoid jealous lovers
And the press
Get fit
Reduce stress
On your bike
To get a job
See London sights
Beat traffic lights
Hail Boris well met
Don’t forget your helmet.


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Grief Talking

Grief Talking

Janes, Jamie,

not Jennifer Jane,



miss, missing

when you lose

you lose your ane

your aims


trying to say the right name

that is how

I do feel, I do feel her pain

miss Janes



Dustclouds form as


disperse in helicopter flail.

Her son’s blood

inking sand.

Lack, lack, lack,

gunning in her head.

His body incomplete,

a word

with the last letters

crossed out.

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News news

Hurrah, already a newsroom has responded…even if Tyne Tees worker Richard Salkeld’s motivation was primarily that common prompter to poetry; a colleagues’s birthday…

Good evening and welcome to North East Tonight

With Pip, Rich and Ben everything will be alright.

Stories from Northern Rock, Newcastle United and now the North West,

Look North, B-Group and Real are left with second best.

More in our late bulletin after News at Ten

But don’t forget tomorrow’s birthday boy is Ben!

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