Antidotal poems

I’m going to post some of the poems from the Hull gig tomorrow. Am chuffed there’s still Michael Jackson stuff coming in, and great pieces on the Facebook Write poems about the News site. Figuring out at the moment how to keep things going. To send poems via here, put them as a comment and I’ll fish them out and post them to the main blog.
This from Gary Blankenship in America;
Death in Southern California

On this day, June 25,
the day Custer was killed,
North Korea invaded its Southern neighbors,
the human genome was released

a man died
from a heart attack
in Southern California
one of 900 to pass
from the disease
nationwide this day

He was the husband
of my wife’s golf partner,
70 on a business trip
to San Diego

one of nearly 165,000
who died worldwide
during the day

and didn’t become the news

And this from Silvis Rivers in the West Midlands. He’s posted a video of the poem too at the Facebook group “Write poems about the news”.
Doctor cloud said :

The child is often
exotic scar tissue
In art
Its where neurosis makes its start
Formed by unmet needs
And endless pain
Out comes the showman glowman
To make a “gain”

Who would have thought
No eyes of parent empathy alters worlds
Or voids create a future contrary
That children are forced to scar themselves
And play at becoming a distorted fairy ?


For instance :

I’ll play at dropping baby
And be an outlaw of dancing grace
And mangle my appearances
To show my father’s sad disgrace

In adult worlds I’ll never land
Because care and childhood bridges
Have never spanned
And no-one really gives a hand
To Peter Pan
In Hook’s pen

And elvish sexuality
Of magics beds
And pedophilia media
Will have the power to race past
And just condemn

Go child to the thrones of sin
For redemptive antidotes
To be forgiven
For the showyboat of the world everyone is in …


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