Into the dark

I said they were getting darker today. i love this from Miles Cain.

People have actually dropped in to the poetry drop in at BBC Humberside today. Though most thought they were going to be performed at and then ended up writing a news poems. Lovely ones. We had unexpectedly sympathetic Ann Widdecombe and Margaret Thatcher monologues and the inner thoughts of Hull sporting greats Katie O Brien (tennis) and Phil Brown (footie manager) plus a humanisation of Jordan. Lovely stuff. I’m now heading off to The Warren youth centre and we’ll see what arises from there. I vaguely thought Twitter poems. But Hull floods and the news monologues would also be great. We’ll test the water. (Non flooding).

Double Fault

In Iran they’re crouching near televisions
and twittering for news
of Murray, Federer, sets, rounds.

They’re hoping screens will show
commentators with glasses of cool Pimms
gossiping around backhands.

But at Wimbledon the crowds heads aren’t twitching
to the rhythm of 30-love.
Instead they’re taking bullets

from authorities declining protests.
The All England Tennis Club will
not yield. They’re using tear gas or rackets

to beat the young and the old
who have pushed against freedom to say
‘this is not what we want.’

There’s no chalk dust. No strawberries.
Just fear and blood spreading across centre court
as the new roof closes, pulling a shadow over the crowds.

by Miles Cain


June 25, 2009. Uncategorized.

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