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Just had a great time at the Warren Youth Centre. I started off with a short set,  then was planning on a little round table workshop, but we ended up with lots of poem writing happening at seats. I think, had this been more planned I’d have made it all over structured, but that thing of just going with what’s there- which was lots of young people up for writing and seeing where it went, made it work. Lots wanted me to read their stuff on the mic. I managed to get some out in full on Radio Humberside on Phil White’s show too. Some snippets…


Inspired by the only limerick I could think of as an example, Rob created;

There was a man from Leeds/Who got caught with thousands of Es/after a while he was hugging trees.

Busy Boi was writing about a local Asbo’d lad in that day’s paper;

There is a boy with an asbo,he has to throw things through a window,he gets a smack,while his mates smoke crack, they all whack people in the back.

Sophy said she’d never written before. I loved this and got to read all of it on Phil White’s show;

The bus pulled in the stop,

I was exhausted, had sweat on my top.

Two old women were sat in the front seats.

Rhys glared and sucked on his bottle teeth.

Yet again his pram would have to block the pathway,

this happens nearly everyday.

There were two empty seats on the front row

but the two old women just would not go!

Instead they stared and tutted at me.

I glared right back with a sense of glee.

They hate teenage mothers,

they hate teenage lovers.

One day I’ll be old.

I won’t look down my nose.

I know any age mother

can be as good as any other.



I negotiated with Danny to change Big Brother is shit/They need to die in a pit, into the more potentially broadcastable Big Brother are faeces/they’re a whole different species.  Chatted to Carl about his cut and paste mags of poetry and pictures. I recognised the problems of creative organisers. Sometimes there’s lots going on, and sometimes no one’s coming to anything or reading. He felt things were going to get busy again though, and it certainly feels to me like Hull’s undergoing a creative renaissance that will draw together it’s rich literary heritage- Marvell and Larkin etc, alongside new spoken word and live lit.  Gosh, that sounded like an Arts Council sentence. Anyhoo, I hope they’ll be able to support all the boundary crossing that looks to be needed.


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